Kevin Spacey Made HOW MUCH For Each ‘House Of Cards’ Episode?!

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Kevin Spacey takes home half a million dollars for every episode of “House of Cards,” meaning the 56-year-old actor made almost $7 million for the third season of the popular Netflix series.

A new report from Fox News explains how an inexpensive streaming service like Netflix is able to afford big actors like Spacey.

Kevin Spacey paid millions for house of cards

(Photo: Netflix screen grab)

“Every indication is that Netflix pays very well, perhaps similar to a premium cable channel,” Ronn Torossian, the CEO of 5WPR, said.

“With 60 million global subscribers and a projected $6 billion dollars in revenue, stars are treated very well by Netflix.” (RELATED: Netflix Just Put Season 3 Of ‘House Of Cards’ Up Ridiculously Early)

Because Netflix gives producers and actors more creative freedom, the report says, they are able to make more challenging shows and films that most studios pass up.

Kevin Spacey paid millions for house of cards

(Photo: Reuters)

“They are putting out movies the big studios may not be making, and you saw that with the Brad Pitt movie—’War Machine,”’ Ramin Setoodeh, an editor for the entertainment magazine “Variety” said.

“[Pitt’s team] were trying to get other studios to buy it and then they went to Netflix and Netflix invested heavily in it and made it possible for them to make it.” (RELATED: House Of Cards’ Is Getting A Fourth Season)