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Quote of the Day:

“Remember, I’ll see you in D.C. at the Capitol Building on Wednesday at 1:00 o’clock. Then Dallas on Sept.14 at 6:00 P.M. American Air Center.”

— GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tweets at a grilled cheese shop on Labor Day 

“@Meltkraft you guys open in Park Slope today?” — Hayes.

A note on Willie Geist…

“A source tells me that on @Morning_Joe, @WillieGeist will be showing more ‘humor,’ ‘heart,’ & ‘joy.’ It just might work.” — Bloomberg PoliticsMark Halperin, who was alluding to Hillary Clinton‘s campaign promise to have more humor.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign still treating reporters terribly

Swift works for The Weekly Standard. David Martosko works for Daily Mail. Please remember that Clinton’s campaign recently allowed Martosko to relieve himself. 

Jim Swift: Do reporters have to sign the Hillary loyalty pledge to get into events? Or is she still barring certain reporters she doesn’t like?

David Martosko: They’ve been accommodating with access in person lately, but parceling out access to email lists carefully. Meaning travel pool lists that give reporters advance “for planning purposes only” advisories and info on press calls

Media Matters reporter takes a break from B.S. and goes to Maine 

“ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Move Into New Apartment. NEW MISSION: Solo Road Trip To Maine.” — Carlos Maza, LGBT program director, Media Matters.

“Journo” calls Scott Walker a “dick” 

“Happy Labor Day! @ScottWalker is a real dick.” — Blue Nation Review‘s Jesse Berney, who is supposed to be a comedian but isn’t funny.

This editor doesn’t mind the “gotcha” interview

“Of course @hughhewitt did a gotcha interview. So what? Trump did them every week on The Apprentice. And his were about fake businesses.” — Commentary‘s John Podhoretz.

Reporter forgets to turn up volume on her iPhone 

“Twice I’ve set my iPhone alarm for 5:30 & 5:45 this week on my iPhone and twice it’s failed. I changed the sound, are some times just duds?” — Amber Jamieson, reporter, New York Post.  In August, Amber went undercover as a topless performer in Times Square.

Politico Europe reporter calls out shoe store for crappy service

An important preface: Geox footwear is Italian and known for footwear that breathes. See what the shoes look like here.

“Who sells you damaged shoes & then refuses to give you a refund the next day? @Geox salesman @ Ave Toison d’Or = incredibly rude #badservice. Never bought @geox shoes before. They are not popular in US but NEVER again. Who doesn’t refund damaged goods?” — Politico Europe’s Tara Palmeri. She even tried to chastise the store directly: “@GeoxCares I can tweet a picture of the damaged shoes if you’d like. I bought them yesterday and have never worn them.” In the end, she misses the USA: “Makes me miss america where they go out of their way to make customer happy. otherwise they’re just cashiers.”

Convo Between Two Journos

Sonny Bunch is executive editor for Washington Free Beacon and Patrick Howley is a reporter for Breitbart News. They previously worked together at Washington Free Beacon.

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A Question To Ponder…

“Working on Labor Day means I’m not a Socialist, right?” — IJReview‘s Benny Johnson.

Congratulations to…

Derek Hunter and Heather Smith, who wed over the weekend. Hunter works for WBAL radio, The Daily Caller and Town Hall. Smith is executive producer at WMAL.