Pope Will Deliver Most Of His Speeches In Spanish During His US Visit

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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The Vatican announced on Tuesday Pope Francis will deliver only four of his U.S. speeches in English. The remaining 14 speeches will be given in Spanish.

Though the pope speaks English, and has been brushing it up while touring Asia this past year, it was announced the lion’s share of his homilies, Masses and general meet-and-greets will be given in Spanish.

The Vatican’s Reverend Federico Lombardi made the announcement this morning, and told the Associated Press that there is no significance to Francis choosing Spanish over English while in the States, other than he finds it easier to connect with his audience.

Most notably, Mass at Madison Square Garden, Francis’s address to the U.N. and his speech at Philadelphia’s Catholic Church’s world family conference will all be given in Spanish. His White House visit, however, will be in English, as well as his address to Congress.

His tour of America kicks-off later this month on the 22nd, when he will visit Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City.

Before jetting to America, the Holy Father will visit Cuba where he is expected to meet with Fidel Castro, though that meeting has not been confirmed by the Vatican.

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