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Reminder: Planned Parenthood Kills Babies And Sells Their Organs For Profit

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The 10th Planned Parenthood video is here, which means Planned Parenthood will need to lie a 10th time. Will they come up with something new? Something that’ll convince anybody but leftists and other rubes? Guess it depends on how much they’re paying their PR people.

This video doesn’t have any graphic footage, but you may become sickened by the way these women talk about human beings like used cars.

They’re not doing anything wrong, which is why they’re so worried about headlines and bad PR. Which is why, when they think the world isn’t listening, they talk amongst themselves about breaking rules and laws. Which is why they cloak everything in euphemisms like “compensation” and “remuneration.”

It’s no longer a question of whether Planned Parenthood is breaking the law. They are, and they know it. The question is: Are they going to get away with it?

You can watch all the videos from the Center for Medical Progress here. That includes the full footage from these interviews, for the desperate liars who are still bleating about “edited video.”