Canada’s Eco-Fascists Release Nonsense ‘Manifesto’

PierreGuy Veer Freelance Writer
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Always looking to stay in the news, anti-humanist environmentalists (to quote Alex Epstein) have published a new manifesto called Leap. When it got out, Twitter was on fire with the hashtag #Tommunistmanifesto, and for a reason.

Thomas Mulclair is the head of the New Democratic Party (NDP), the party that inspired the welfare state in Canada – although it never formed a government. And the Leap piece of trash is exactly what the NDP stands for, i.e. a larger government. Leap also shows that environmentalists are really ecofascists, meaning that they want absolute control over people’s lives so we can repent our sins against Mother Nature.

Here are the main points these economic-ignoring communists – every single association that signed the manifesto have “collectivist” branded on their forehead – want to make Canada’s life miserable.

First they want Canada to honor the Natives’ collective “rights.” Don’t get me wrong; their situation is about as bad as what U.S. Natives (or Indians) are living with: abject poverty, high unemployment and social ills like alcoholism and violence.

However, trying to make us believe that adopting their Stone-Age lifestyle – the most advanced Natives north of Mexico had barely mastered agriculture – is desirable is complete madness. Oh, if they want to live like that – 100 percent bio food, pure water, plenty of exercise and a life expectancy of 30 – they are free to do so. But they have no right to bring everyone down their path.

Second, these watermelons (green outside, red inside) also want an exclusive focus on “green” energy, which is a terrible misnomer. Their policies would indeed redistribute wealth… to the wealthiest. For everyone else, and especially low-income households, energy prices would skyrocket, causing widespread energy poverty that’s already afflicting California.

In addition, they seem to have learned well from one of their master thinker: the great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one. Indeed, talking about “carbon emission” is the worst lie of the modern era. Under 6000 ppm – we are at 1/15 of that amount – CO2 is not pollution; in fact it’s actually greening the planet. So bring it on.

Third they want inefficient and costly means of transportation. OK, that would be the end result; their want “high-speed rail powered by just renewables and affordable public transit can unite every community in this country.” Yet another example of Leap’s fascism: we need to control people’s movement by limiting their options.

Now, of course mass transit has its place, but nationwide? I wonder why Naomi “we-need-communism-to-stop-climate-change” Klein wants to be able to ride a high-speed train from Vancouver, BC, to Halifax, NS – about as far as the distance between Seattle and Atlanta – to promote her ideas? Besides a publicly-funded, high-speed train would be a terrible idea considering its exploding cost in California.

Fourth, by “moving to a far more localized and ecologically-based agricultural system” they basically want to condemn Canada to famine half of the year – because they also want to “call for an end to all trade deals that interfere with our attempts to rebuild local economies, regulate corporations and stop damaging extractive projects.” With agriculture impossible about six months per year nationwide, just imagine how much it would cost to produce fresh fruits and vegetables that Canadians now get for much cheaper from the U.S. and Mexico.

Besides, a cargo boat-full of fruits floating from Auckland, New Zealand, to Vancouver is proportionally less polluting (per ton) than local production. Of course it may not be as fresh, but that’s a choice many are willing to make. If our ecofascists want to be 100 percent local – wear only wool, eat a few fruits and veggies during the summer and walk barefoot since plastic and rubber are “damaging extractive projects” – they are free to do so, of course.

Finally, to pay for all these crazy ideas, our watermelons want to take more of others’ money, of course. Notwithstanding their suggestions to end oil and gas subsidies and decrease military spending, they only have the dirtiest word of political science in mind: tax. Tax revenues from “the rich” and big corporations, increased royalties, a carbon tax, and so on. Not only will they not generate all the revenues they want – the Laffer Curve is very real – but they would completely wreck the economy. This is exactly what they want, but I feel like most other people wouldn’t want to live in a replica of Atlas Shrugged.

In short the Leap Manifesto is the nth attempt to keep Karl Marx relevant. It’s a miserable failure; even my two-year-old nephew could understand that their ideas are beyond ludicrous.

What Canada needs is not to abolish capitalism but to adopt it. This is the only way “to a bright and safe future.”