NFL: 49ers Fans Celebrate Blowout Loss By Beating Up Everyone At Buffalo Wild Wings [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Following San Francisco’s 43-18 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, a few enterprising 49ers fans decided to deal with their frustration by beating up a Steelers fan at a Buffalo Wild Wings in south Los Angeles.

Unfortunately for the San Francisco fans, their plan had a very similar ending to the game. (RELATED: Vikings Fan Yells, ‘Any Of You F*****s Want Some,’ Immediately Gets His A** Beat By 49ers Fans)


An explanation, per Facebook:

Niner fans starting shit, get rocked outside B-Dubs in Downey (sore losers)

Background edit:
The guys getting beat up started problems inside. They wanted to beat up a Steelers. The Steelers fan walked away. The rude 49er fans started talking shit to everyone. They messed with the wrong group when they went outside and got beat up. The Guy in in red at :09 second was the one that started everything [sic]

Gotta love Buffalo Wild Wings.

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