Giving Back: San Diego Chargers Spend Off-Day Buying 1,200 Pairs Of Sneakers For Needy Kids

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Though it was their team-mandated day off, the San Diego Chargers spent Tuesday working hard.

Well, not super hard, but their Tuesday actions will definitely have a long-lasting impact.

Chargers players took part in San Diego’s 27th Annual Shoe Distribution, and after scouring the city’s retailers all day long, the organization would go on to provide more than 1,200 pairs of sneakers for needy children in the area.

“We all like to give back because we were all kids at some point,” cornerback Jason Verrett said of the team’s good deed. “We wanted new shoes, and I remember what that was like to get a new pair. I’m happy to come here and see them smile when they pick out any shoe in the store they’d like. It’s definitely a blessing.”

Well done, boys.

Maybe this country isn’t doomed after all.

[h/t: Complex]

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