UPDATED: Obama Allegedly Blocks Black Conservative Teen On Twitter

Derek Hunter Contributor
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The president of the United States is the president of all the people, as Barack Obama has many times said. But, it would seem, that doesn’t mean he wants to hear from all the people in his Twitter mentions.

CJ Pearson, a 13-year-old black student whose video commentaries against liberalism and the president’s policies have gone viral, learned this lesson the hard way.

Pearson has recently launched a petition to get an interview with President Obama on the White House’s website and was using his Twitter account to garner signatures. Then he discovered the president, or the staffers who run his official @POTUS account, had blocked him.

Pearson appeared to take the blockage in stride.

Pearson has been using his Twitter account to vie for a speaking slot at the 2016 Republican convention and has been making progress, having an exchange with GOP chief strategist and communications director Sean Spicer.


Only a few hours after that exchange, however, Pearson discovered the leader of the free world, against whom he’s a frequent critic, had blocked him.

Editor’s Note: Recent reports have cast doubt on Pearson’s claim and there’s substantial evidence that the teenager fabricated the original image.