Elizabeth Warren: ‘I’m Sure I’m Not’ Running For President

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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For what might be the ten-thousandth time, Elizabeth Warren confirmed that she is not entering the Democratic presidential field.

“I’m sure I’m not running,” the Massachusetts senator told host Stephen Colbert on CBS’ “Late Show” Wednesday.

Warren has repeatedly declared her intention to stay out of the presidential race, despite encouragement from Democrats who view her as the ideological leader of the party’s leftwing. But with Hillary Clinton faltering, there has been some faint speculation that perhaps Warren might reverse her position and enter the race.

“[I]f you look at history, which I think does matter here, those that polls show who could do well in a presidential race, who can raise the money, that don’t run, is not a particularly long list,” Republican political strategist Stu Stevens said in May, speaking about Warren.

Warren is viewed as one of a few candidates who could enter the Democratic primary late and mount a serious campaign for the nomination because of the intensity and breadth of her grassroots support.

Earlier this month, Warren met with Vice President Joe Biden, who is reportedly seriously considering entering the presidential race himself. Asked by a reporter whether Biden speculated about possibly picking Warren to be his vice presidential nominee should he enter the race and win the nomination, Warren deliberately evaded answering the question directly.


“It was a long conversation,” she said after a pause.

For those still hoping Warren might enter the race, there is perhaps another interpretation you could make of her words Wednesday. The way Colbert framed the question, you could take Warren’s response as answering the late night host’s humorous suggestion she might have already entered the race accidentally.

“A lot of people have jumped in, you might have done it in your sleep,” he said.

Perhaps Warren’s “I’m sure I’m not running” response was just confirming she is not yet an active candidate. So she might have to confirm for the 10,001-time that she has no intention of running this cycle, just to clear everything up.

Watch the full interview of Warren’s appearance on “Late Show.”

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