Hillary Clinton Can’t Say What New Revelations Will Come From Her Emails Because She Didn’t Review Them

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton, appearing on “Meet the Press” Sunday, could not guarantee that the FBI is not going to find more emails that should have been turned over earlier because during the email review process, she “did not participate” or “look at them.”

Clinton told host Chuck Todd that her attorneys conducted the review and decided what emails were personal versus what emails were work related. At the end of the process, Clinton told them “I don’t need to keep them, I don’t need them or want them” and then the emails were deleted.

Chuck Todd: Can you say with 100% certainty that the the deleted emails, that the FBI is not going to find anything in there that’s going to cause to to have to explain again?

Hillary Clinton: All I can tell you is that when my attorneys conducted this exhaustive process, I did not participate, I didn’t look at them.

Todd: Why, Why, I would want to know what emails… Why wouldn’t you all know

Clinton: Because no, I wanted them to be as clear in their process as possible. I didn’t want to be looking over their shoulder. If they thought it was work related, it would go to the State Department. If not, then it would not. And as I just said, over 1200 of emails, that we were overly inclusive in trying to be comprehensive. The State Department has already said, “We don’t want these, these are personal, these aren’t work related.” They are sending them back. So when that process finished, you know, my attorney said what do you want us to do with all these personal emails. Well, I said, “Well I don’t need to keep them, I don’t need them or want them.” So they then talked to the IT server, the technical people who were responsible for maintaining them and said you know, “We don’t need them anymore.” That’s the limit of my knowledge and now I know I was a little sarcastic in one exchange with the press.

Todd: Fair enough.

Clinton: For which I am, I’m sorry guys. But you know, I’m not a technical expert. I just said I don’t need them. Whatever happened to them, happened to them and I’m very sure my attorneys did the most meticulous job that could have been done.

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