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Bruce Jenner Is Still Genetically Male

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If you still believe in that sort of thing. Y’know… science.

MTV, for some reason (typos corrected):

On the heels of “I Am Cait” being renewed for a second season, Caitlyn Bruce Jenner has even more to celebrate – a Los Angeles judge has approved her his request for a legal name and gender change…

Cait Bruce celebrated with the nation’s unofficial personal branding activity: spelling out her his name pseudonym for the baristas at Starbucks.


G’day, Bruce!

That’s cute and everything, but it doesn’t change the facts. Whether you merely scribble a woman’s name on a coffee cup, or go all the way to a judge so you can sign it on the checks to your plastic surgeon, a bro by any other name would still have those feet. Bruce Jenner is a man, baby.

Now, I don’t doubt that Bruce thinks he’s a woman. I don’t doubt his belief that a magic wand — not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars, an eagerly compliant media, and a public that just wants everybody to shut up about it already, sheesh — transformed him from a guy to a chick.

But it’s not true. Feelings aren’t facts, no matter how badly they’re hurt.

You can’t make me say something that isn’t true. 2 + 2 does not equal 5, no matter how angry you get at the correct answer.

Bruce Jenner is a dude, dude.