Calm Police Find Treasure Trove Of Contraband In Irate, Racist Woman’s Car [VIDEO]

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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Ohio Police officers remained calm while a woman cursed them out and accused them of racism after the cops politely questioned her if she was in possession of marijuana in a video released Monday.

An unidentified juvenile black woman who was pulled over by white South Euclid Police officers for not having her headlights on, screamed at the two officers after they smelled weed coming from her car and asked if she had been smoking, according to a South Euclid Police Facebook post.

“Your car smells like weed, step out please,” the officer calmly told the woman. The woman refused, contending she possibly smelled of weed because she was at a party where people may have been smoking. Not because she smoked, and especially not because she had weed in the car.

When the police calmly insisted she step out of the vehicle, she thrashed about and went off on a profanity-riddled tirade against the police.

“You pulled me over for a mother fucking traffic stop, you racist ass bitch,” the woman screamed. “You did that to me because I was black.” (RELATED: Chicago Family Praises Police For Saving Baby After He Was Hit By Bullet)

After the police opened her car door and tried to coax her out, she threatened them saying, “You are going to get punched in the face, I swear to mother fucking God.” But even then, the police remained calm and respectful.

The woman eventually got out of the car and stepped away from the vehicle, that’s when the police found a treasure trove of contraband. Under the driver’s seat there was a loaded gun, while tucked away in other undisclosed areas of the car, the police found baggies of marijuana, a bong and three scales.

According to the South Euclid P.D.’s Facebook page, they posted the video to show the public that police officers do in fact keep their cool when dealing with unruly people.


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