Cruz Twice Refuses Opportunity To Call For McConnell To Step Down As Republican Leader

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Ted Cruz has called Mitch McConnell a liar and expressed outrage over what he sees as McConnell’s unprincipled leadership — but he’s not ready to call for the Senate majority leader to step down.

Appearing on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Wednesday, guest hosted by yours truly, the Texas senator and 2016 presidential contender twice rejected an opportunity to call for McConnell’s ousting as Senate majority leader.

“We just saw John Boehner announce that he will be stepping down as Speaker in October. Do you think it’s time for Mitch McConnell to leave his role as leader of the Senate Republicans?” he was asked.

“Well, that’s a question for Mitch to decide, and for the Republican conference to decide,” Cruz answered. “What I think is important is that we have Republican leadership in both houses that actually honors the commitments we made to the voters, that treats seriously the promises.”

“Look, people are tired of being lied to,” he added, suggesting once again that McConnell is a liar.

As the interview closed, Cruz was given one more opportunity to call for McConnell to resign as Senate majority leader.

“Just real quick, you have no position on McConnell stepping down? You don’t have a position on that?” he was asked.

“That is for him,” Cruz responded. “What I do have a position on is I encourage your listeners to go to www.tedcruz.org. September 30th, today, is the end of our quarter, so please sign up, contribute, September 30th, www.tedcruz.org.”

Cruz ripped House and Senate leaders, including McConnell, in a fiery speech on the Senate floor Monday.

You can read and listen to my full interview with the senator here.

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