Halperin: If Clinton Loses New Hampshire, ‘Her Chances Of Being The Nominee Go Down’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Bloomberg Politics managing editor Mark Halperin warned Hillary Clinton on “Morning Joe” Monday that if Bernie Sanders wins the New Hampshire primary, “her chances of being the nominee go down.”

“This thing is wide open on both sides, wide open,” Halperin said.

Both Sanders and Trump have had “consistent message over decades, but also neither of them sounds like a conventional politician,” he said. “They both say things that you wouldn’t hear from a politician on Twitter, at their events, both drawing big crowds.”

“Look, Hillary Clinton is up here today doing a lot of events,” he continued. “There is no doubt, based on the last 10 public polls, she’s behind in New Hampshire. You can talk about various scenarios scenarios. We aren’t that far away from Iowa and New Hampshire — Biden gets in, Biden doesn’t get in — whatever scenarios you want.”

“If Hillary Clinton loses the New Hampshire primary to Bernie Sanders, her chances of being the nominee go down,” according to Halperin. “They may go down precipitously. And on the Republican side Trump’s pole numbers are down a little bit, right, but no one yet has challenged him. No one else has made an argument they can get past Trump. This thing is wide open on both sides, wide open.”

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