The Real Reason Emily Blunt Became An American Citizen

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Emily Blunt said she became an American because her husband and daughter are both Americans, and “it’s certainly a more protected position” for her to be in.

“It’s mainly for tax reasons,” Blunt said during an interview with the Sunday Times.

“I didn’t want to renounce my Queen. I felt quite sad, actually. Having to be sworn into a country that wasn’t mine. I know at the core of it I haven’t given up anything, but it was sort of bittersweet.” (RELATED: Emily Blunt: Republican Debate Made Me Regret Becoming An American)

Emily Blunt regrets becoming an American citizen

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“You have to learn all about the Constitution. You can’t be a habitual drunk, you can’t be on a guerrilla squad and you can’t be a prostitute, which is a shame.”

Blunt came under fire in September after she made disparaging comments about getting her citizenship. (PHOTOS: Emily Blunt Gets Nude Scene Deleted)

“I became an American citizen recently, and that night, we watched the Republican debate and I thought, ‘This was a terrible mistake. What have I done?'”

Emily Blunt apologizes for citizenship comment

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Blunt later apologized for her comments and said she was just joking.

“It was so not the intention to hurt anybody or cause any offense.” (RELATED: Emily Blunt Is Sorry She Said She Regretted Becoming An American)

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