McCain To Colbert: Bachmann-Cain Admin Could Have Done Better Job Than Obama [VIDEO]

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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John McCain didn’t exactly play to the crowd Monday night.

While appearing on CBS’ “The Late Show,” the Arizona Republican senator tried to explain why outsiders were doing so well in the Republican presidential race while predicting a more establishment-friendly candidate would ultimately emerge to win the Republican nomination.

“There is that anger out there,” McCain told host Stephen Colbert. “But I would remind you that this time four years ago the leader in the polls for the Republican nomination was Herman Cain and then it was followed by, as I recall, Michele Bachmann.”

As McCain tried to add there was a lot more time to go in the race, Colbert jumped in with a joke: “And how have you felt about the Bachmann-Cain administration?”

“Hell of a job,” McCain retorted, before adding to a chorus of boos: “Could have been better than this one.”

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