Russian Weatherwoman Forecasts Clouds With Chance Of Airstrikes Over Syria [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Russian weatherwoman Yekaterina Grigorova said the weather forecast for Syria is cloudy, with a chance of airstrikes on Rossiya-24 state television.

Grigorova said, “It is a very opportune time to launch an air force operation. October is a good time for flying in Syria.”

Before discussing the possibility of rain, clouds and sandstorms, Grigorova discussed a highlight video of Russian Aerospace Force successes in Syria.

This is not the first time Rossiya-24 has reported on the weather forecast in areas where Russia is said to be intervening militarily.

In January, state television channel reported on weather in Debaltsevo, Ukraine, suggesting, “It looks like the weather does not side with the Ukrainian army.” At the time, the Ukrainian army suffered a defeat at the hands of pro-Russian rebels allegedly aided by the Russian military.


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