Watch A Bunch Of New iPhones Get Epically Shot, Sniped And Sledgehammered [VIDEO]

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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A film studio with a penchant for shooting and destroying cutting-edge pieces of technology with even cooler guns, released a slew of new videos showing the latest iPhone 6s devices getting absolutely wrecked.

FullMag Studios garnered a cult following over the years by shooting and demolishing all the latest pieces of technology in the name of research and fun. Once the iPhone 6s was released at the end of September, FullMag got a bunch of shiny new iPhones, loaded their guns and turned on their cameras for your viewing pleasure.

The following videos were posted since the iPhone 6s release, and reveal whether the iPhones are strong enough to stand up against some of the most powerful weapons. (RELATED: Lifesaver App Comes Standard: Student’s iPhone Stops Bullet)

iPhone 6s Versus Compound Bow:

iPhone 6s In Bullet Proof Case .50 Caliber Rifle Versus:

iPhone 6s Versus Liquid Nitrogen:

Bonus video: Since the iPhone 6s is here, and the future is now, Full Mag got rid of their old iPhone 6 devices by fashioning three of them into a sheet explosive –and absolutely destroyed them.

iPhone 6 Claymore:

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