NFL Player Says Some Ehhhhh Things About Gisele, Tom Brady Responds Like A Boss

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy is coming off of a four game suspension, and on Monday, he told reporters just how excited he is to get back on the field and take on the Patriots this Sunday.

Specifically, Tom Brady.

Specifcally-ier, Brady’s Brazilian supermodel wife Gisele.

It should be noted that Hardy had been suspended after he assaulted a then-girlfriend, threw her onto a pile guns and threatened to kill her.

Still, Brady — according to Next Impulse Sports — responded to the comment during his Wednesday press conference like a consummate professional.

I’m just getting ready to play, man. I’ve got to focus on my job. He’s a great player. It takes a lot of different things to handle a guy like that. But he’s been a great player since he’s been in the league, so we’re going to have to prepare for him and be ready for all different types of moves that he’s got. They’ve got a good D-line anyway. They count on getting pressure from their front four getting to the quarterback, so I don’t really care about his personal feelings…

I’m done. I have work to do.

Count the rings, Greg.

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