CNN Guest: Hillary Clinton’s Change On TPP Is A ‘Transparently Political… Pandorama’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Larry Sabato, director for the Center of Politics at the University of Virginia, blasted Hillary Clinton for coming out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), suggesting it was “transparently political. This is part of the presidential campaign’s pandorama. She’s pandering.”

Appearing on “CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello” Thursday, Sabato said, “As I think your CNN researchers showed, she essentially endorsed or encouragement this trade agreement 45 times. Her husband was known for NAFTA, pushing and getting NAFTA adopted, another trade agreement in the 1990s.”

Sabato insisted, “It’s perfectly obvious why he did this. It’s because organized labor is strongly opposed to these trade agreements.”

Moreover, Sabato explained Clinton “needs those volunteers while campaigning and of course her opponents like Sanders and O’Malley had already come out against this new trade agreement. And she wants to box in Joe Biden who if he jumps in will have to defend President Obama’s decision to support it.”

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