Burglar Picks The Wrong House To Rob, Gets Shot [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A burglar was shot after picking the wrong house to break into Wednesday night in the Sunrise Mountain community of Las Vegas, and people are hoping that it serves as a warning for anybody that might think about being the next burglar.

The homeowner, who has refused to be publicly named, said that he was sleeping on his couch when he heard the burglar break in. According to local ABC affiliate KTNV the homeowner and the burglar locked eyes moments before he shot the intruder.

The victim, who has been a longtime gun owner, has said that he never experienced anything like this to happen. (RELATED: Former Marine Single-Handedly Stopped Four Thugs During Home Invasion)

Guido Mantilla, a local resident, has said that crime has been escalating in the Sunrise Mountain community, and it appears that this shooting has pushed things over the boiling point.


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