Hillary Clinton’s Unfavorability Numbers Highest Since 1992

Steve Guest Media Reporter

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has the highest unfavorability numbers since CBS News began asking about her in 1992, with 53 percent of voters holding an unfavorable view and 33 percent indicating a favorable view.

Monday on “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough called the numbers “astounding.”

“You don’t really see that from front-runners a year before the election,” he said.

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters added, “I guess you see that on the Republican side too with Trump. Right? There are these two people who are leading the pack right now who the base of the party views increasingly unfavorably.”

Willie Geist remarked that things may be changing for Trump, however.

“Trump’s favorables inside the Republican Party are flipped just the opposite,” Geist said. “His favorables are up and unfavorables are down.”

Peters explained that Clinton’s appearance before the Benghazi Select Committee could be a huge moment in the race.

“She is going to be testifying before Congress, and I think this maybe even more so than the debates has a moment to be very — it’s going to be a moment that’s very defining in her candidacy.”

Host Mika Brzezinski added, “It could be. Yeah, could be huge. How they handle her, how she handles them, what comes out of it. But the theatrics of it quite frankly could play into her favor.”

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