Martin O’Malley Sings About His Fundraising [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Martin O’Malley sings a thank you song to his donors for helping fund his campaign in a YouTube video released Monday.

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley thanked Kathryn, a donor for helping spread “our message of new leadership across the land.”

Martin O’Malley: The quarter’s finally over. We’ve got more gas in our tank. I can’t tell you my excitement, because it’s you I have to thank. It may seem like it’s just money, but to me it’s so much more. It keeps my staff door-knockin’ in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, and more. So thank you, for your support, thanks for lending me your hand. Thank you Kathryn, for spreading our message of new leadership across the land. Of the free and home of the brave. Thank you.


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