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Remember: Cops Are The Only Ones Who Should Have Guns

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Just shut up, wingnut. You don’t need to be able to defend yourself. If something bad happens to you, just wait for the police. That’s why we have police! You can trust them. You can rely on them. You can, and must, defer to their judgment.

What are you scared of anyway, you gun-toting coward? Are you that fond of mass shootings? Is your penis that small?

Also, cops are racist thugs. KHOU, Houston:

We’re getting a new look at the take-down of Prairie View City Councilman Jonathan Miller. He was tased by officers and accused of resisting arrest Thursday night.

The police department released new video from the body cameras of the two officers involved.

Two things are clear here:

  1. This is racism, and cops are dangerous racists.
  2. You gun nuts need to get over yourselves and your stupid “Constitution.” Leave it to the police, you inbred morons.

There is no contradiction between these two incontrovertible truths. Cops are bad, and cops are the only people who should have guns. More guns can only lead to more gun violence, and people in authority will prey on anyone weaker than them. Government is good, and government is bad. If you can’t get that through your thick skull, you don’t belong in my United States of America.

Unhappy Columbus Day!