Sanders Blasts Hillary: ‘I Did Not Come Out Against TPP Yesterday’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Bernie Sanders blasted Hillary Clinton’s decision to come out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement insisting, “I did not come out against the TPP yesterday. I came out very early on in this process.”

Sanders, in an interview on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” airing Monday, Sanders evaded attributing Clinton’s decision to come out against the TPP to a specific reason suggesting, “Your guess is a as good as mine.” (RELATED: Trump, Bernie And Big Labor All HATE Obama’s Pacific Trade Deal)

Sanders, instead emphasized that there were “one or two” issues he and Clinton could debate Tuesday night at the first Democratic debate explaining “massive wealth and income inequality, a corrupt campaign finance system, hundreds of thousands of young people not able to afford to go to college, the climate crisis, a global crisis of climate change, believe me, our positions are very different on many of these issues. How you deal with Wall Street. I think there is plenty to debate about.” (RELATED:Sanders: ‘No’ I’m Not A Capitalist, ‘I’m a Democratic Socialist’)

Sanders explained, “we must reestablish the Glass-Steagall legislation and in fact, we have to begin the process of breaking them up. We need an entirely different financial system which is part of the American productive economy, not as is currently the case, Wall Street being an island unto itself.”

Sanders further claimed, “We have serious disagreements on Wall Street. But more importantly, I think what people are going to have to look at is our track record. I did not come out against the TPP yesterday. I came out very early on in this process. I have been against trade agreements that have hurt American workers and the environment from way back when. ”

Sanders said, “I will let the voters make that decision. But I’m confident if they study my record, they will respect what I have done.”

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