WSJ Reporter: Obama’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview Shows He’s Not Happy With Clinton’s Private Server [VIDEO]

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Wall Street Journal White House correspondent Carol Lee says Obama went “out of his way” not do Hillary Clinton “any favors” during his interview Sunday night on “60 Minutes.” (RELATED: Obama Says Hillary’s Email Use Was A ‘Mistake’ [VIDEO])

Lee, appearing on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” Monday, explained that when Obama was asked about Clinton’s private email server he “made pretty clear that what happened was not something that he approves of and he also gave a classic answer, deflecting to the American people to decide whether or not what she did passes muster with them.”

Host Andrea Mitchell asked Lee if Obama did any favors to Clinton and Lee said, “It doesn’t sound like it to me. It seemed to go out of his way not to do her any favors with his answer.”

When asked about the White House reaction to Clinton’s use of private email server, Lee argued, that while the Obama administration attempted to be the “the most transparent administration in history,” Clinton’s use of a private email server does not help.

Lee explained, “This is not something that they wanted to have to answer… inside the White House repeatedly and it’s been that way for months.” Lee argued “this has been a distraction from some of the other things that they would like to talk about… So I don’t think anyone inside the White House would say that they’re happy about what she chose to do and clearly, the president’s answer in that interview shows that he’s not [sic] personally not happy about what she chose to do.”

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