Video On Demand Vs. the DVD Market

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Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Ask any movie studio executive if the DVD gravy train is dead and they will unequivically tell you “absolutely.” They will grudgingly admit that DVD popularity is a thing of yesterday.
One only has to look at the demise of retail giant Blockbuster to see that it’s true.
Taking the place, of course, is Video On Demand (VOD) — the downloading and streaming of movies and television shows on demand to consumers’ computers and internet-enabled televisions, via cable and satelite and mobile devices.
While some in Hollywood may be uncomfortable with this new direction, others are looking at it as an opportunity and potential boom for growth, marketing and, yes, the almighty and important bottom line.
“Whether studios like it or not, business currents and consumer interests have clearly shifted,” says Gordon Scott Venters, CEO of The Movie Studio, Inc. (TMS) a publicly-traded company from South Florida (OTC-MVES). “We can either capitalize on this trend or stick our head in the sand and hope everything will stay the same. It won’t”
And the TMS CEO stated, “I’ve never been one to shy away from the future.”
Which is why the South Florida-based studio released its latest movie “Exposure,” on DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes and streaming digital distribution. This way, Venters says , “We can better promote ‘Exposure’ and all our other films and upcoming releases, like ‘Bad Actress’ and ‘Double Exposure.’
So, what about those small plastic discs that most consumers have come to know and, if not exactly love, have certainly grown accustomed to?
According to the movie studio industry, DVD’s will continue to play a smaller role, albeit a supporting one, to digital.
“DVD’s are going to cease continue to be a viable part of a studio’s revenue,” predicts Venters. “There is clearly now a strong consumer interest in digital viewing.”
To this end, it would seem that studios would do well to embrace the age-old adage of “give the customer what they want, VOD!.” As is the case with The Movie Studio. Acquiring 14 films from Seven Arts Entertainment (The SAFELA Library), VOD gives content, provides measurement and other consumer trends and habits. This gives consumers an array of VOD choices, making it a win-win for movie viewers and producers.
The Movie Studio is very well poised to swiftly become a powerful force in the entertainment industry. To learn more, visit

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