GOP Senators Set To Introduce Anti-Sanctuary Cities Legislation

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Pennsylvania GOP Sen. [crscore]Pat Toomey[/crscore] was chosen to deliver the Weekly Republican Address to discuss legislation that would punish cities across the country that forbid local police from cooperating with federal immigration officials when handling illegal immigrants.

Known as the Stop Sanctuary Policies Act, the bill would give protections to law enforcement and crack down on repeat illegal border crossers and violent felons. This measure is a provision known as Kate’s Law, which is named after Kate Steinle, a young woman who was gunned down in San Francisco this summer by an illegal immigrant.

“Under this common sense legislation, sanctuary cities that refuse to follow the law will lose certain federal funds if they maintain these harmful policies, and repeat illegal border crossers and violent felons will face stiffer sentences,” said Toomey.

He added, “Now, please understand – this issue isn’t really even about immigration – it’s about stopping criminals and keeping our communities safe. Like many Americans, I support immigration reforms that include opportunities for more immigrants to come to America legally. And I don’t for a minute suggest that most immigrants commit crimes. In fact, the opposite is true. The vast majority of legal immigrants are great additions to America, and we should welcome them.”

“But when illegal immigrants do commit violent crimes in our country, they must be arrested and deported. That’s the law. And those, like the murderer of Kate Steinle, who’ve been deported previously because of their criminal acts, they should never be allowed back into our country,” the senator explained.

Toomey, known for supporting gun control policies on the hill, will be introducing the Stop Sanctuary Policies Act with Louisiana Republican Sen. [crscore]David Vitter[/crscore] this upcoming week.