Hillary: Republicans Don’t Flip-Flop Because They’re ‘Impervious To Evidence And Changed Circumstances’ [VIDEO]

Derek Draplin Associate Editor
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Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton responded to criticism that she changes positions on policy for political expediency by saying everybody in politics changes positions except for “some Republicans who are impervious to evidence and changed circumstances.”

State of the Union host Jake Tapper ask Clinton about a 2007 strategy memo from the Obama campaign that laid out how to beat Clinton, which was recently published by “The New Yorker.” (RELATED: Obama’s Kill-Hillary Strategy Released Just Before First Debate)

Tapper: The memo said that you are driven by politics not conviction and you’re constantly shifting, dodging, and changing positions to satisfy the politics of the moment. That’s kind of the same rap on you from your opponents now. Do you reject it outright or do you see why some people might feel that way?

Clinton: Well I can see why people try to come up with ways of attacking me. That seems to be part of the landscape… It happened when I ran for the senate, it happened again obviously when I ran for president. But I have been the same person. I have the same values. I have the same principles. There isn’t anybody that I know in politics who hasn’t changed a position from time to time except some Republicans who are impervious to evidence and changed circumstances. So I really don’t pay much mind to that, I’m sure we had some memos somewhere pointing out things that we tried to go after. But that’s politics. I get it. But I think anyone who looks at what I have fought for and stood for my entire adult life on behalf of kids and families and women and the middle class and economic opportunity knows that I have been very steady and, yes, do I look at evidence and try to figure out the best way forward to achieve the goals that i hold? Yes.

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