Hispanic Groups Threaten NBC To Dump ‘Racist’ Donald Trump

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Several Hispanic groups started a petition to get Donald Trump dumped from hosting “Saturday Night Live” in November.

NBC recently announced the Republican candidate will host the show for the first time since 2004, and now over 120,000 people have signed a petition urging NBC to pull the plug.

“Just three months after cutting ties with Donald Trump, NBC is seeking to boost its ratings at the expense of Latinos and immigrants by allowing Trump to host one of its most popular shows,” the petition on MoveOn.org reads. (RELATED: Lawrence Lessig Wants The Same Air Time On NBC As Hillary Clinton Gets)

Donald Trump hosts SNL Donald Trump hosts SNL

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“By inviting Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live, NBC is demonstrating that it doesn’t care about its Latino and pro-immigrant viewers. It is providing a platform for Trump’s insulting attacks on immigrants and calling it entertainment — something we do not find funny.” (RELATED: Is Donald Trump Getting Replaced By George Lopez?)

“It is shameful for NBC to allow Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live, a comedy show, when one of the main policies he has promised would rip apart millions of immigrant and Latino families.” (RELATED: Larry David Spoofs [crscore]Bernard Sanders[/crscore] In ‘Saturday Night Live’ Parody Of Democratic Debate)