Democrat Rep Totally Ignores New Facts Regarding Benghazi [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Rep. [crscore]Sheila Jackson Lee[/crscore] stuck to the typical taking points slamming the Benghazi committee and its chairman [crscore]Trey Gowdy[/crscore] while denying new information regarding Hillary Clinton’s role in the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Appearing on “MSNBC Live” with Tamra Hall Wednesday, Jackson Lee ignored that fact that the committee received a new email last Thursday that showed Amb. Stevens plead for “more security” in Benghazi.

Tamron Hall: But Congresswoman, one of the things Trey Gowdy says he plans to focus on the chair on that committee is why Ambassador Chris Stevens’ pleas, in his words, “for more security” did not reach Secretary of State Clinton. He says and points out that the Ambassador was asking for more security. He points to an e-mail by Ambassador Stevens that the committee received last Thursday. Is that a concern to you?

Sheila Jackson Lee: Well, the facts are of concern to me. The truth is of concern to me. And what I do know is in the number of committees that respectfully reviewed this, substantive committees in the House, the Accountability Review Board, they did not find any fault in Secretary Clinton. Now, as a member of the public of the United States, as someone who is deeply saddened by the loss of life, let me add my sympathy to the loss of the marine that you just noted, I want the truth. None of us want to stand in front of or block the truth. And let me say this. I served as a staffer on a Select Committee. They’re held in high esteem. Select committee on narcotics, on hunger. So they have a purpose in the House. The purpose of this committee has been debunked and the reason is because they have clearly stated and shown in their actions that their only desire is to undermine Secretary Clinton’s presidential effort. It has not been done. Her character still stands as someone compassionate and determined. If there are facts to be had, tomorrow will be the determining hearing where she can provide any additional facts. I believe she’s provided all the facts and all the committees have suggested such. None of the house committees desire to call her back and she was available to be called back over the last couple of years. None of them. that shows that the chairman, Chairman Gowdy, may want to give some sense of professionalism tomorrow. But he’s already lost all of that, particularly by his 31-page letter which he put in it that Secretary Clinton, one of her e-mails was classified. And lo and behold, the CIA came right back behind him and said it was untrue, it was not classified, and he, frankly, owes the secretary an apology. So I don’t know how he can rehabilitate this committee tomorrow.

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