Former FL Gov Announces Congressional Campaign, Sides With Hillary On Gun Control [AUDIO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During a Wednesday interview with News Talk Florida’s Dan Maduri, former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist announced that he plans to run against [crscore]David Jolly[/crscore] for Florida’s 13th congressional district seat.

Additionally, Crist told Maduri that he agrees with Hillary Clinton’s proposed plan to heavily increase gun control efforts.

“Well, yeah. You want to, number one, restore some sanity,” said Crist. “Who among us hasn’t seen these rash, mass killings and has to think in their heart of hearts there’s something terribly wrong with how we’re dealing with this issue?”

“It was very clear the other day when Secretary Clinton talked about this issue and said ‘we’ve got to reign this in, we’ve got to have very effective universal background checks and make sure that people that may have a difficulty emotionally or otherwise don’t have the opportunity to carry guns.”

“I mean, it’s out of control,” Crist added, “and the more people that have this common sense view that are in a position to help, the better off our country and our state and our beaches will be.”


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