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Fracking Is Good, Solar Power Is Bad

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I’m pretty sure environmentalists have never been wrong before, so it’s a bit shocking to see it happen twice in one week.

First there was this bombshell, as reported by Andrew Follett:

The Sierra Club should start printing retractions (something they’ve been getting a lot of practice doing), because researchers from Yale University have concluded that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, doesn’t contaminate drinking water!

“[There is] no evidence of association with deeper brines or long-range migration of these compounds to the shallow aquifers” concludes the new study, which was published in the highly prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Science…

The Yale researchers found essentially no contamination in well water, and the amounts they did detect were hundreds or thousands of times smaller than can be detected by commercial labs.

Weird, right?

As if this scientific refutation of environmentalist scare tactics wasn’t frustrating enough for the people who want to convince mankind to move back into caves, yet another leftist myth has now been shattered. Sorry, hippies: Solar power sucks.

John Merline, IBD:

President Obama once praised it as a shining example of America’s clean energy future. “With projects like this one,” he said at the site of a solar plant just before construction started, “we’re putting Americans to work producing clean, home-grown American energy…”

The plant is the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility, a behemoth that uses hundreds of thousands of mirrors spread out over more than five square miles of the Mojave Desert…

According to the Press Enterprise in Riverside, Calif. , Ivanpah emits enough CO2 that it will “be required to participate in the state’s cap-and-trade program to reduce carbon emissions.”

In its first year, Ivanpah emitted 46,000 metric tons of CO2. That’s about as much as a Frito Lay plant in Bakersfield emits.

That’s right, a “clean energy” facility is just as bad for the planet as a factory that churns out Doritos to make Americans even fatter.

Everything you know is wrong, lefties. Fracking won’t hurt anybody, and solar power isn’t practical without generating a huge carbon footprint. Whole milk and other saturated fats are good for you, and grains are the worst. Hell, now scientists are even saying you don’t really need 8 hours of sleep a night. All that “settled science” wasn’t as settled as you thought.

So far, I’m really enjoying Back to the Future Day!