Meet The Greatest Lawyer In America: The ‘Texas Law Hawk’ [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Have you been arrested for drunk driving? Do you feel the police illegally entered your house without a warrant? Do you need to know your rights? You can officially start relaxing because the “Texas Law Hawk” will take your case.

Bryan Wilson, aka the “Texas Law Hawk,” has released a couple of advertisements for his law firm drenched in so much patriotism it’s a mystery why any prosecutor would ever risk taking one of his clients to trial.


According to Wilson’s biography he is a “loud and proud Texan,” and was named the 2014 Top Attorney of Tarrant County with under five years of practice. Wilson, a graduate of Texas Tech University School of Law, has an entire page of his website dedicated to your rights and what to do if the police contact you.

Wilson has indicated that his motivation for becoming an attorney was because he knows what it’s like to have your rights violated and wants to protect people.

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