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Hillary Yuks It Up About Benghazi

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As everyone knows — even if it’s not politically expedient for them to say so — Hillary Clinton’s laugh is grating and cringe-inducing and awful. It’s a crime against the human ear. Just like everything else she touches, Hillary can even ruin laughter.

Listening to her laugh is like a form of enhanced interrogation. Don’t think so? Then pull up your stopwatch app, click play below, and hold out as long as you can:

See what I mean? Okay, you can shut it off. This isn’t Zero Dark Thirty.

Now, Hillary is using this weapon of mass detestation to try to distract from the misdeeds everyone knows she’s committed. Here she is last week, literally laughing at the law:

How long until she poisons Gotham City’s water supply with Joker Serum?

And then, during her Benghazi testimony yesterday, she gave us this blood-curdling moment:

This is what psychologists call “inappropriate affect.” Something is very wrong with Hillary Clinton.

Ask the family and friends of Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, and Ambassador Christopher Stevens if they can find anything funny about the evening of September 11, 2012. And then dismiss their concerns, because nothing is more important than keeping the Democrats in power.

P.S. By the way: She knew all along.