Utah Teacher Angers Parents For Being Smoking Hot But Will Not Set Her Instagram Account To Private

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A middle school teacher in a tiny, rural Utah town who says she almost got fired this week for posting smoking hot photos of herself on the Internet will be able to keep her job after all.

The teacher is Mindi Jensen, reports Salt Lake City Fox affiliate KSTU.

Jensen is on the faculty at North Sanpete Middle School in Moroni (pop.: 1,280).

The fracas that Jensen says threatened to cost her job began the way these fracases always seem to begin: when an enterprising student discovered photos of Jensen on Instagram (@minscakes).

The photos show the part-time fitness model and competition-level body builder wearing skimpy swimsuits, working out and singing pop songs. There are also family photos.

Local parents complained, calling Jensen’s photo stream inappropriate.

School officials responded by asking Jensen if she could maybe remove some photos or set her Instagram account to private.

Initially, the teacher agreed to the request. Upon further reflection, however, she decided that she wants the world to be able to see her on social media.

“I thought, ‘Why am I taking this picture off?'” Jensen told KSTU. “I get comments and messages that it’s inspirational to them, and that these women like my story, and they’re following my story, and if I put it to private then it’s not going to reach these people that might need and understand me.”

The single, divorced mother of four said she started working out intensely after she suffered a bout of depression and lost about 100 pounds.

“I thought with my body being stronger maybe it would soak into my emotions, my heart and my brain and strengthen that, so I started fitness,” Jensen told KUCW, another Salt Lake City television station.

“I’m new here. I’m divorced. I’m doing this all for the first time,” she added.

“These kids found it and the parents were appalled by the pictures they called it immodest. They called it pornographic. They called the pictures inappropriate and these are my fitness and show pictures in my sport, in my uniform in my bodybuilding sport,” Jensen also told KUCW.

Jensen said she thought she was going to be fired on Wednesday. School district officials relented instead, though, and chose to arrange training sessions for parents who want to learn how to monitor their kids’ Internet use.

“The district has cleared up any misconceptions with employees,” North Sanpete School District superintendent Sam Ray said in a statement.

“They apologized for any misunderstandings,” Jensen told KUCW.

Jensen’s tale of woe is similar to the story of Kaitlin Pearson, a professional teacher’s aide in Fitchburg, Mass. who was briefly placed on administrative leave in 2014 for appearing on social media sand on modeling websites such as ModelsMania — where she was the reigning model of the year — in provocative nearly-nude poses (e.g., crouched nude in a yoga position with her butt tossed in the air). (RELATED: Teacher Sent Home For Being Too Sexy, Model Of The Year)

And who could possibly forget The Daily Caller’s favorite Spanish teacher, Cristy Nicole Deweese? Last year, Deweese was sacked after students figured out she had once posed gloriously nude as Playboy’s “Coed of the Month.” “That’s my Spanish teacher!!!” reads a representative comment under a YouTube clip featuring the young teacher. Deweese just turned 18 when she removed her clothes for the once-cool men’s magazine in February 2011. (RELATED: Hasta La Vista, Baby: High School Spanish Teacher Who Posed For Playboy Now Sacked)

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