Hillary: I’m Running For President To Protect Y’all ‘From The Plague Of Gun Violence’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Hillary Clinton urged attendees at her Alexandria, Virginia, campaign rally on Friday to “start a competing organization” to the National Rifle Association and join her fight to end the “plague of gun violence.”

CLINTON: I’m running for president to protect our families and communities from the plague of gun violence … No matter what anyone says, this is not an urban problem. It’s a problem in small towns, small suburbs, on college campuses, in movie theaters and even in the basement of a church … In fact, we know the majority of Americans — and the majority of gun owners — agree with us on this … I won’t be silenced, and I hope you won’t be either. I will keep speaking out, and I will keep taking on the NRA… and I would love to see gun owners start a competing organization … Everyone in this country should be held responsible for their actions, and that includes gun manufacturers, gun sellers and the NRA.   


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