Pelosi Takes Subtle Jab At Clinton Over Gay Marriage Vote [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi seemed to take a swipe at Hillary Clinton by praising Bernie Sanders for voting against the Defense of Marriage Act, which President Bill Clinton signed into law.

Speaking at The George Washington University on Tuesday, Pelosi called Clinton “a very qualified person” and said that Sanders is “is a very important tonic for the country and for the Democratic Party because he has ideas.”

“I have a lot of enthusiasm for the fact that it would be fabulous to have a woman president,” she said. “You can’t ask somebody to vote for somebody because of their gender. But I think this is a very qualified person who happens to be a woman.”

“Now I haven’t endorsed in the race,” explained Pelosi. “Bernie Sanders was my colleague in the House. We voted against DOMA, you know against all of those things that people are subjecting to scrutiny now. He’s fabulous, and he is a very important tonic for the country and for the Democratic Party, because he has ideas. It’s not just — let me criticize immigrants or something.” (RELATED: Feel The Bern: Sanders Blasts Clinton On Gay Marriage Claim)

Sanders “has ideas, he is a thoughtful person, and he has done a terrific, terrific job of drawing people out and hopefully they will be out next,” claimed Pelosi. “He might win the nomination. I don’t know that, because in terms of the demographics of how popular she [Clinton] is in the minority community …” (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Gets Called Out For Gay Marriage Revisionism)

When asked specifically if Sanders could win the nomination, Pelosi explained, “Well, you never know, and I’m a big fan of Martin O’Malley’s as well. I think he’s just fabulous.”

After saying Martin O’Malley doesn’t have a chance of winning the nomination, Pelosi praised him for supporting the DREAM Act, and for “what he did for marriage equality, guns.”

“All the agenda that we all want to have nationally, he did there.” (Hillary Says Her Support For Anti-Gay Marriage Law Was A ‘Defense Action’)

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