Tom Hanks Slams ‘Quack Doctors’ Who Tried To Make Money Off Wife’s Cancer

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Rita Hanks was diagnosed with breast cancer last December, and Tom Hanks said she has “finally finished” treatment after undergoing a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction.

During a recent interview, the actor lashed out at “quack doctors” who tried to cash in on his wife’s cancer diagnosis.

“It’s funny,” Hanks said. “As soon as you come out about cancer there’s this odd kind of backlash that goes along with it.”

“There’s a predatorily philosophy that happens where people find out that you have a certain illness, particularly cancer, and they will try and make money off of you, pushing procedures that might have a degree of science to them and there are others that are absolute quacks just trying to make money,” Hanks told an Australian news outlet.

Tom Hanks's wife Rita has breast cancer

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“You should Google the word [cancer]. Everything from ‘You must eat peach pits’ to ‘Go to this clinic in Bolivia and you’ll be cured!’ will come up. Shit goes on like that and it’s astounding to me.” (RELATED: Celine Dion’s Husband Wants To Die In Her Arms)

“It all adds to the difficulty, and we are lucky we can afford good medical care, but there are people who are dealing and selling in false hopes.”

“All I can say is God bless my wife and God bless her courage.” (VIDEO: Sarah Jessica Parker Just Gave Tom Hanks The Dirtiest Look Imaginable)