O’Malley: I’m Running For President To Attack The Second Amendment [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Martin O’Malley doesn’t know why he is so far back in the polls right now, but he knows he wants to enact stricter gun laws.

In an interview with MRCTV Wednesday, O’Malley, who was at the Boulder, Colorado GOP debate was asked why he was doing so poorly in the polls and he shot back at the reporter, “I don’t know man what do you think?” 

The reporter replied, “Hey, I’m the reporter,” and O’Malley said, “But I’m the candidate and I’m not going to answer your question. People will figure that out. Look man it’s early in the process.”

When asked about why he was at the GOP debate, O’Malley explained, “I’m here because gun safety legislation is critically needed for our country. All of these people here are part of a growing consensus that people and we see this content is coming together in the Democratic Party for common-sense gun safety legislation.”

“We bury far too many Americans from gun violence,” explained the former mayor of Baltimore. “And while we’ve had that discussion in our party. We’ve now had a few Democrat or Republican debates and it never has even come up as an issue. So I’m hopeful tonight that the moderators will ask the Republican candidates if 80% of Americans actually believe in universal background checks why can’t we find the backbone to confront the NRA and actually get it done as a nation?”

The reporter then commented, “You buried a hell of a lot of them in Baltimore didn’t you?”

O’Malley replied, “Yeah, we sure did man.”


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