Scarborough: ‘There Is A Built-In Bias For Donald Trump’s Collapse’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough said Friday that the media has a “built-in bias for Donald Trump’s collapse.”

On MSNBC, Scarborough ranted against the “outrageous” coverage from CNN and CNBC for their reporting that Trump’s campaign was over when a CBS poll came out last week that had Carson ahead of Trump by two points.

“The media narrative… was that Ben Carson is now the leader,” he said.

Scarborough explained that the media are “all Trump deniers” and said that he was watching Anderson Cooper last night on CNN and there the lower third was “screaming” for 10 minutes, “Can Donald Trump Come Back?”

“There’s been a thousand poll over the past 100 days,” explained Scarborough. “There’s a CBS poll that come out that had him behind by two points, and literally the media narrative, including on CNBC, was that Ben Carson is now the leader. Another poll came out that had Trump up by five or six points. I don’t think people should be shocked [that] Trump is in first place again.”

“But there is no doubt, I think we all have to admit, there’s a built-in bias for Donald Trump’s collapse, and there has been,” he said.

Scarborough admitted that he now sides with Trump claiming how the media is biased against him.

Liberal MSNBC analyst Eugene Robinson added, “Yeah, people don’t believe their eyes. They don’t believe the numbers. Donald Trump has been around in basically in first place since what, July.”

“And so one poll that shows Carson ahead and everybody says ‘Oh, well, it’s over. It’s over. Trump can’t come back. He’ll lose interest. He’ll forget about the presidential race.’ Whatever,” explained Robinson. “It’s just silly. It’s silly. He’s in a commanding position in this race, and he is going to be there I think for the foreseeable future.”

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