Speaker Ryan: We Can’t Trust Obama On Immigration [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan says, “On immigration, I don’t think we can trust the president on this issue, he tried to go around Congress with executive orders.” 

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, Ryan explained, “The president has proven himself untrustworthy on this issue because he tried to unilaterally write the law himself.” (RELATED: Paul Ryan Elected Speaker Of The House)

“Presidents don’t write laws, Congress does,” Ryan insisted. “The President has proven himself to be untrustworthy on this issue.”

Ryan suggested, “I think if we reach consensus on something like border enforcement, interior security that’s one thing. But I do not believe… we should advance comprehensive immigration legislation with a president that has proven himself untrustworthy on this issue.”

“I was elected Speaker of the House to unify the Republican Conference, not to dis-unify the Republican Conference,” Ryan said. “That means, my job is to lead us to consensus and to on big controversial issues, operate on that consensus. And that is exactly how I intend to serve as Speaker.”

When asked if Donald Trump “could lead a Republican Party to victory,” Ryan explained, “I’m going to be completely neutral in this presidential election because I’m the Speaker of the House, but if you’re asking me, ‘Can any one those people that are on the stage be a better president than Hillary Clinton,’  the answer is yes.” (RELATED: Paul Ryan: If I Wanted To Be President I Would ‘Have Run In This Cycle’)

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