Anti-Trump Protest Shuts Down Two And Half Hours Before SNL Showtime

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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NEW YORK — Around two hundred protesters marched from Trump Towers to Rockefeller Center outside of the NBC studios Saturday evening hours before show time at “Saturday Night Live.” The protesters, upset with SNL’s selection of Donald Trump as the evening’s host, accused the Republican presidential front-runner of racism while shaming SNL and its executive producer Lorne Michaels for booking Trump.

“When I say ‘Lorne,’ you say, ‘Michaels’!” and “Hey hey, ho ho, racism has got to go!” were among the chants the protesters yelled. (RELATED: Larry David Calls Deport Racism’s Bluff And Interrupts Donald Trump’s SNL Monologue [VIDEO])

“We gained unity. We gained strength. We gained experience. We get to work together more. We were in the streets together—all of those experiences. This is bigger than one protest. This is bigger than Donald Trump. We’re really trying to save the world and the way we do that is by building a mass peoples movement,” protest organizer Karina Garcia told The Daily Caller.

The protest, according to Garcia, was composed of several organizations including Black Lives Matter, ANSWER, women’s groups, labor organizations, and students. Prior to the airing of the show, pressure groups attempted to urge SNL to disinvite Trump. When SNL refused to do so, a $5,000 reward was put out to anyone who heckled Trump during the show. However, the program, which began at 11:30 pm, went off without interruption. Additionally, protesters had a permit only until 9 pm.

A viral video showing Latino children cursing out Trump over the birthright citizenship issue captured praise from activist groups protesting the New York Republican. (RELATED: ‘F**k You, Racist F**k!’ — Anchor Baby Activists Hurl Obscenities At Trump [VIDEO])

“I thought the ad was hilarious. People really enjoyed it. Our people are going through so much and obstacles and so much racism, police brutality, detention, and deportation,” Garcia said. “It hits us really hard and it’s demoralizing sometimes to hear about how people don’t want to hear about Trump.”

Could Latino parents be offended if they infer from the ad that Latino parents raise their children to be disrespectful?

“Some people will like it and love it and some people will, you know, might say, ‘I wouldn’t do that myself,'” Garcia said. (RELATED: SNL Mocks MSNBC’s South Carolina Democratic Candidate Forum [VIDEO])