NFL Star Ndamukong Suh Tells The Refs He Will ‘Slam The F*ck’ Out Of A Player After Bad Call [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Miami Dolphins star defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has continued to cement his reputation of being an NFL bad guy after telling a referee that would “slam the fuck” out of a Buffalo Bills player following a bad no-call from the officials.

Suh chased down Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor, and grabbed Taylor essentially ending the play without having to bring down the quarterback. Instead of blowing the play dead, the refs allowed Taylor to fling the ball out of bounds thus avoiding the sack. Suh was not pleased and went up to the official telling him,”I’m gonna slam the fuck out of him next time,” referencing the fact Suh could have taken Taylor to the ground but chose not to.


Suh has routinely been one of the most fined players in the NFL, and earlier this season Suh kicked New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in the head. (RELATED: Notorious NFL Bad Guy Kicks Opposing QB In The Head [VIDEO])

Suh could face a fine of $23,000 for cursing out the ref according to Miami Dolphins reporter Adam Beasley.

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