ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Cautions Black America: ‘Don’t Be So Quick’ To Play The Race Card [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During Monday’s broadcast of “First Take” on ESPN 2, host Stephen A. Smith warned black America against dragging race into every issue.

SMITH: Let me be very, very clear … To white Americans out there, accept the reality that, to some level, racism still exists. It’s just inescapable. It’s a reality, but to black America, let me make this statement. Everyone who is white is not racist, and it’s important to point that out because with this particular incident it was warranted, but that doesn’t mean we turn around and the second somebody disagrees with us of a different hue, pigmentation, culture etc. — the second somebody might be oblivious or ignorant to what we are, what we believe, what we feel, etc. doesn’t make them racist … We have an obligation to appreciate that there are a lot of people in this God fearing country that are not racist, so don’t be so quick to jump. That wasn’t the case here. This was valid, but there are some folks out there that will use this an excuse to jump on every issue and attach racism to every issue when it may not be that. It may be that someone just doesn’t like you. 

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