Kathy Griffin: I’m Supporting Hillary Clinton Even If It Costs Me Half My Audience

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Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Kathy Griffin said she’ll support Hillary Clinton even if it costs her half her audience.

During a recent interview with Billboard, the 55-year-old comedian became serious about the upcoming election.

“I’m told by my team, ‘Don’t say who you’re supporting. It’ll cost you ticket sales,'” Griffin said. “Fuck that. Yeah, I’m supporting Hillary, sue me.”

Kathy Griffin voting for Hillary Clinton

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“It’s gonna be a struggle. If you think sexism is dead, wake up America. Look how hard we’ve been on the black guy. The black guy has had 8 years of straight-up racism and I think it’s going to be harder on the chick.” (RELATED: Donald Trump Gives SNL ‘Best Ratings In Years’)

“But I’m voting for Hillary, so I guess that makes me a terrorist if you watch Fox News? I don’t know.”

Griffin added that she doesn’t think Donald Trump is qualified to be president.

“He’s kind of like the Amanda Bynes of candidates. Remember when poor Amanda Bynes was sending all those tweets to people saying ‘you’re ugly, you’re ugly’? He’s no different.”

“The dream scenario is that [Trump] gets elected and then gets impeached 48 hours later and we just have two days of utter chaos and then Hillary comes in and makes it all better,” Griffin said. (RELATED: Jennifer Lawrence: ‘A Donald Trump Presidency Would Be The End Of The World)