Ana Navarro Is No ‘Strategist’ — She’s A Bushie

Roger Stone Political Consultant
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The Bushies – blind followers of the Bush dynasty — are everywhere. They populate the radio and TV airwaves as supposedly unbiased pundits. They write opinion pieces across all the major newspapers and websites. But now they even inhabit daytime television – “Republican Strategist” Ana Navarro, a paid CNN political analyst, was recently named a regular contributor on “The View.”

Navarro has been a longtime public supporter of Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign. As a frequent pundit on the Sunday talk shows and a paid talking head on CNN, Navarro has tried to rationalize Jeb’s early disappointing poll numbers and sinking campaign. She was one of the early public backers in 2014 of a Jeb candidacy and tried to wash away the notion that after the failed presidency of his brother W., the American electorate would welcome another Bush.

Like Jeb, Navarro is consumed by pro-Latin racial politics. Born in Nicaragua, Navarro ties her culture into her political affairs. She served as the National Co-Chair of [crscore]John McCain[/crscore]’s Hispanic Advisory Council where she was a national surrogate for the failed McCain 2008 campaign. She next worked as the National Hispanic Co-Chair for Gov. Jon Huntsman’s 2012 Campaign. (Incidentally, Jeb Bush Jr. endorsed Huntsman in 2012.)

Navarro is described as a “confidante” of Jeb Bush during her CNN appearances. The New York Times has explained that “her rollicking commentary and willingness to criticize Republicans on same-sex marriage and immigration issues make her a favorite of TV bookers.” She does the Democrat Party’s dirty work. No actual evidence of experience on any state or local campaign graces the resume of this “Republican Strategist.”

Navarro frequently spars with conservative pundits who support [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore], Ben Carson and especially Donald Trump. Navarro scorns Trump so much that during the September, 2015 CNN Reagan Library Debate, Navarro refused to attend a private dinner hosted by Wolf Blitzer because CNN Contributor Jeffrey Lord, former Reagan Political Director and also a public supporter of Donald Trump’s candidacy, was attending. Navarro also canceled an announced appearance on CNN’s Smerconish show when she learned I would be appearing to talk about Trump.

In a September, 2015 CNN column, Navarro declared that she would only vote Republican in 2016 as long as the “Republicans end up nominating someone I consider borderline insane or a total jerk.” Navarro next proclaimed that she hopes “Joe Biden runs for President” because she “likes the guy.” Navarro the Bushie would rather have Joe Biden be president over a potential nominee of her own party.

Proving once again thst there is a Bush-Clinton ‘crime syndicate,’ Navarro’s close affinity with Democrats also falls into her personal life. Navarro’s longtime significant other is Gene Prescott, a “Friend of Bill” and  Clinton fundraiser who owns the grand Biltmore hotel in Coral Gables, Florida, “which hosts more Democratic and Republican political fundraisers than most any address in America.” [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore] and Jeb Bush both work out at the Biltmore. Rubio even celebrated his 2010 surprise win for the Senate in one of the Biltmore’s ballrooms.

In 2010, Navarro described the potential Rubio vs. Bush face-off as a “nightmare scenario.” She even said that she would “get into the fetal position and lock myself in a room for nine months … That just cannot happen … If we have to all lock ourselves in the Biltmore until white smoke comes out and we pick one, that’s what we will do.” Apparently the smoke picked Jeb. A Bushie will never betray her master.

In the fall of 2015 supporters of Donald Trump launched an on-line petition to CNN head Jeff Zucker demanding Navarro’s ouster which read:

We demand CNN immediately fire so-called “Republican strategist” Ana Navarro based on the falsification of her credentials, her lack of any particular expertise on political matters and her obvious bias toward Presidential flame-out Jeb Bush as well as her general stupidity. Should Jeff Zucker and CNN ignore this petition, the next step will be civil disobedience at various CNN bureaus and orchestrated verbal confrontation with CNN on-air talent.

The people will not be denied. Ana Navarro must go!

Excerpted from the book, Jeb and the Bush Crime Familyby Roger Stone and Saint John Hunt.