Terror Attacks Happen On Same Day As Planned Doctor Strike

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Thousands of medical professionals planned to go on strike Friday to protest a health reform bill in the French Parliament on the same day Parisians faced terrorist attacks at multiple locations including a rock concert venue, a soccer stadium, and night club.

It is unknown if medical professionals called off the protest at the last minute in light of the attacks.

At least 40 victims have been confirmed to be killed in the attack and 60 wounded, while terrorists have taken hostages in a theater. Execution style murders are happening within the theater. (RELATED: CNN: Paris Concert Hostages Being Slaughtered One By One)

According to the, public hospitals were to be carrying the burden of staff shortages during the strike and will remain open to handle emergencies.

The Health Ministry says it has taken precautions so “each patient can receive treatment in good conditions,” The Connexion reported.

Five prominent health workers’ unions representing around104 medical professionals called for the strike. Many doctors’ surgeries around the France were planned to be closed and some planned operations in private clinics were supposed to be delayed.