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Columbia Protesters Love Black Criminals

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Well, who really needs safe spaces?

At Columbia University, activists badger other students to join protests — and even berate them for playing Frisbee, the New York Post reports.

“Organizers posted flyers and sent Facebook messages inviting undergraduates to wear black clothing and join two demonstrations last Thursday to support people of color who are ‘marginalized and threatened.”

Or get threatened yourself!

One Columbia mom told the Post, “There’s been a campaign of intimidation, where students are going dorm to dorm, floor to floor and asking students to go back to their dorms and put on black if they’re not wearing black.”

“My daughter told me people are uneasy and fearful,” she explained. “Her personal politics are left-wing and she shares their sympathies, but she doesn’t like to feel that she can’t wear blue if she wants to wear blue.”

Student protesters last week even bitched out folks who played Frisbee near their campus grievance fest.

“Look at those guys playing Frisbee — that is the definition of privilege,” one demonstrator said, according to the New York Post.

The Frisbee fascists quickly dispersed but the fun continued. Protestors chanted, “I love black criminals” and “I love black people who steal.”