Advisers Warned Charlie Sheen Not To Reveal HIV Diagnosis

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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After a shocking report was published in the National Enquirer claiming Charlie Sheen had HIV, the actor confirmed that the rumors were true Tuesday morning.

His advisors, however, warned him not to do it.

The actor’s managers and lawyers cautioned him that it could open him up to tons of lawsuits, TMZ reports, because Sheen told them he had sex with multiple people after he was diagnosed. (RELATED: Charlie Sheen Confirms He’s HIV-Positive)

Charlie Sheen reportedly has AIDS

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“The advisers told Charlie even if the people with whom he had sexual contact did not contract HIV, they would still have a claim based on emotional distress,” TMZ reports.

Charlie Sheen twitter rant against denise richards

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During his interview with Matt Lauer, Sheen said he had paid people millions of dollars in the last four years to keep his secret quiet. (PHOTOS: The Women Charlie Sheen Has Dated)